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Data Select on-board for insurance

10 March 2016
Data Select is now offering its retail and B2B reseller customers insurance plans through Supercover Insurance. The Peter Jones-owned company, a leading end-to-end mobile and tech solutions provider, began offering our product back in November 2015 and has delivered significant growth since.
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01 March 2016
MYTH: “Insurers don’t pay out - they try to wiggle out of claims.” FACT: In 2015 Supercover only refused 3.8% of all claims received*, so you can offer our insurance and be confident that it ‘does what it says on the tin’.
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01 January 2016
MYTH: "If my customer claims, then my business gets a commission clawback." FACT: With Supercover, the number of claims paid does not affect your commission because all claims are paid from the Insurer’s Fund. Supercover offer unlimited claims and NO CLAWBACK on all genuine policies.
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