Policyholder Extras

Policyholder Extras

Online data backup

Automatic and safe backup included in your policy.

Your insurance policy includes a facility where you can store, in the cloud, any digital material you have saved in your computer, mobile phone or digital camera, thereby protecting it from computer crashes, fire or theft. We use Storegate

Any files you store on your account can be accessed from an internet-connected computer or mobile phone at any time: you simply log into your account. It also allows you to share your pictures with friends and family wherever you are.

Here are the key features:

  • Store up to 25GB (worth £47.88/year)
  • LiveSync between devices sharing the account
  • Automatic backup
  • Create web albums
  • Play your media files directly from your storage area (streaming)
  • Share photos and documents
  • iPhone app
  • Android app

Remember to store and back up your most important files regularly, be it pictures, documents or mobile phone data.

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Supercover understands that when something happens to your gadget, the most distressing aspect is often the loss of your data.

We want to help you keep this data safe!

So, if anything ever happens, all you have to do is to restore your files.

25GB Data Storage included for free in your policy for the first 6 months and 3GB thereafter.

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