Mobile Phone Insurance

Feedback on Your Claim

In December we wrote to some customers asking for feedback about a claim they had made but subsequently withdrew. If you are one of our customers who was contacted, we’d like to extend the opportunity to provide your feedback which is now available until 31 March 2016.

Feedback is very important to us here at Supercover as it helps us to improve our service for the next time you need us, and for customer who might need us tomorrow.

There are many reasons people choose not to continue with a claim, for instance your gadget could have been found or started working again.

Previously there was a requirement in place at the time you made your claim that you needed to pay your premium in full for the remainder of the first year’s insurance before the claim could be processed. This requirement may have acted as a barrier to you making your claim. If this was the reason you did not proceed with your claim, we would like to hear from you, along with brief details of the claim you intended to make.

To provide your feedback, please complete our online form. Once this information has been received we will review your claim and contact you within 2 weeks of receipt to discuss your claim further.

We look forward to hearing from you.