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Entering new markets

23 May 2016
As well as making waves in the telecoms arena, we have also been busy entering other new markets, namely travel, employee benefits and commercial vehicle. This is all part of our 2016 Supercover Insurance growth plans! Read on to find out more about our work with Voyager.
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02 May 2016
MYTH: “My customers aren’t looking for mobile phone and gadget insurance.” FACT: “In Jan 2016 there were 80,700¹ Google searches for Mobile Phone Insurance, and other related keywords². And demand is increasing because that’s a 15% increase on the same period in 2015!³ That’s a lot of revenue you’re missing by not offering insurance.”
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Supercover Insurance announces partnership with Westcoast

Supercover Insurance has announced a partnership with IT distributor Westcoast that will allow their partners to provide insurance cover with every gadget purchase. Read more