Handbag And Briefcase Insurance

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Handbag and Briefcase Cover

The most complete cover for bag and contents, plus a 24 hour concierge service to help deal with the problems associated with a lost or stolen bag. 

Your customer's handbag or briefcase is covered for (1)


If your customer's handbag is stolen we will replace it plus all of its contents.


If your customer loses their handbag or briefcase we will replace it plus all of its contents.

Emergency Helpline

Our freephone helpline is available to call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of your customer's handbag or briefcase being lost or stolen.

Personal Emergency Helpline

In case your customer's handbag or briefcase is stolen or lost, we will: 

  • Arrange for transportation home if they are stuck somewhere.
  • Notify a friend or family member on their behalf.
  • Help cancel their bank cards and bar their mobile phone.
  • Arrange for a locksmith if their keys are stolen or lost.

(1) Please contact Supercover with your customer’s policy reference if they need a copy of their policy wording.


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